Maria Lilja (born 1958 in Sweden)
maria [at]

2016 ”Teaching and Learning in Higher Education”, 7,5 credits, University of Arts, Craft and Design, Sthlm.
2007 ”Digital film compositing”, 15 credits, Campus Gotland.
2001 ”Interactive Media”, 60 credits, Campus Gotland. 
1999 Art Theori, 10 credits, University of Arts, Craft and Design, Stockholm. 
1986 MFA, University of Arts, Craft and Design, Stockholm.
1984 Painting, 30 credits, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris. 

Employments and financed art projects:
2019-2020 Teacher at Weissensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin
2019 Guest teacher, Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm 
2019 Guest teacher, Vardinge fhs, Gnesta
2014-2019 Royal Instute of Art, Stockholm, teacher in fine art, printmaking area.
2012-2013 Twin road, art project financed by The Swdish Art Grants Committee and The Municipality of Jarfalla.
2012-2013 Videodocumentation of Cie Laforaines work in France.
2005-2013 Courses in digital image editing, Uniarts, Stockholm.
2009-2010 Upholsterer, Stockholm City Theatre.
1994-2009 Teacher at Gotland Art School, Visby.  
2008 Guest teacher, University of Arts, Craft and Design, Stockholm.
2008 Developing distance courses in digital art, Gotland Art School, Visby.
2007 Future Lab, vision 2025, Municipality of Gotland.
2006 Skiss (Sketch), A relational art project, Peoples movement for art promotion, Visby/Stockholm.
2004-06 Videoproject in Motion Capture technics, ”She said: The Flowers?” 
Financed by The Swdish Arts Grants Committee and Film Gotland.
2004 Developing, the one-year course ”Art projects” for Gotland Art School. 
2003-04 Initiating and running the DDP-workshop, Direct Digital Printing on textile.
Financed by The Foundation for the Culture of the Future.

Selected Exhibitions  
2019 Cutting Up, Konstnarshuset, Stockholm, Solo.
2019 Is freedom always somewhere else, Taby library, Solo.
2017 A clear day, Naas slottspark, Floda, Gothenbourg.
2017 Edsvik Konsthall, Sollantuna, Stockholm, Solo. 
2017 The Swedish Printmakers´ Association, Stockholm, Duo.
2016 A home, Edsvik Konsthall, Sollentuna, Stockholm.
2015 Addition, The Swedish Printmakers´ Association, Stockholm.
2014 Days for sale, Gocart Gallery, Visby.
2014 Artefact, Galleri Flach, Stockholm.
2013 Twinroad, Gorvalns Park, Jarfalla, Stockholm, Solo.
2012 Themes of civilization, Gocart gallery, Visby.
2012 It´s Possible, Supermarket, Stockholm.
2011 ”In an egal sociaty, half of all murderers are woman”, Leva, Visby, Solo.
2011 Taby konst, Taby, Stockholm.
2009 Supermarket, Clarion Hotell, Stockholm.
2008 Point of no return, Galleri 5, Visby.
2008 Back to the roots…, Nationalgalleriet, Stockholm, Solo.
2008 Over land, Gotland Art museum, Solo.
2008 BAC, Baltic Art Center, Visby. 
2005 Sound@art, Hide Kulturbrott, Slite. 
2005 Hon sa: Blommorna, installation Botanical Garden, Visby, Solo.
2005 Contemporary Printmaking, Gotlands konstmuseum, Visby. 
2005 ”I don’t know what flew out of me”, Galleri 5, Visby, Solo.
2004 Sound@art, Hide Kulturbrott, Gotland.
2004 Exhibition in the Abbeys hous, Roma Kungsgard, Solo.
2003 DDP-workshop, Konstakuten, Stockholm. 
2003 ”Prototyp”, Galleri 5, Visby, Solo.
2001 Videoinstallation, Baltic art center, Visby. 
2000 Angvards Salong, Vamlingbo 
2000 Galleri One, Vaxjo, Solo.

Publig Art:
2020 Cutting Up 6, Västerås town 
2019 Cutting Up 5, University of Borås 
2018-19 The Video ”The Pianolesson”, from 2007, bought by Public Art Agency Sweden.
The video was shown at Ministry of Culture and Swedish Museum of Perfoming Art.
2014 Doubling, bought by the Municipality of Jarfalla, Stockholm. 
2008 Wall for SIDAs new building in Visby.
2006 Public Art for the Libary in Solklints school, Slite.
2003 ”The scent of a memory, the memory of a scent” Iljansgaden, Hemse.

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