Home Office 2020 och Cutting Up

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These works, Home Office 2020, were made during the lockdown period in Berlin. For many weeks your only break from the isolation of your home was to meet a maximum of one other person outdoors. All cafes and restaurants closed as well as most shops. At the time I worked as a teacher at Weissensee Art University and from March 18 to mid-May we were instructed to work from home. I was stuck in my apartment in Kreuzberg. To deal with this, I began to wiew my situation in Berlin as an artist residency. I dedicated a room of my apartment to a temporary studio and started working. I had previously made a series called ”Cutting Up” where I took apart all parts of a man’s suit and sewed them together again as squares. I continued this but mostly only used the jackets and separated the lining parts from the parts from the outer fabric and made two different squares. I also cut up some shirts and printed a picture of the sea. The project was planned before the pandemic, but in the home office situation they got a new context. We longed for the sea, but it was impossible for us to go. And our suits and our clothes were just hanging in the closet.

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