Maria Lilja, Cutting Up 7 red out

Home Office 2020 and Cutting Up

These works, Home Office, were made during the lockdown in Berlin in spring 2020. They are the last in the serie of Cutting Up.

Cutting Up 2017-2020

The work in the serie Cutting Up, where also Home Office works are included started with an idea of when men are liberated they don’t want to dress like all other men, like using uniforms in all officiell sammanhang. Not only as militaries also at parties, which means there will be a lot of suits no one wants were. I mean like one and a half billion. So what to do with all those nice plagg made of finest wool and silk. Maybe blankets?

Maria Lilja. Anteckningsbok för vulkanspanare. Weissensee, Berlin 2020

The Vulcan Project

A short description soon

Tvillingväg/Twin Road

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Maria Lilja, The Image of Nature, 2016, screentryck, 70 x 100 cm


Skos, Maria Lilja


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